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2015: A year of growth at MinnesotaSeasons.com


2015 has been a year of growth at MinnesotaSeasons.com. We have had 1,170,684 page views in 2015 generated by 709,481 unique visitors. December was the best month ever with a total of 100,147 page views by 52,760 unique visitors.

Over the year contributors have uploaded 306 new photos bringing the total to 694 photos uploaded by 58 contributors.

We have added 167 new species and 14 new destinations, bringing the total to 1,332 species and 371 destinations.


MinnesotaSeasons.com Redesign Completed

After almost nine months the redesign of MinnesotaSeasons.com was finally completed on October 10, 2014.


  • All species and destination pages are now tabbed, reducing page length and allowing the visitor to focus on their interest.
  • Thumbnail images have been replaced with much larger preview images.
  • Full size photos are now presented in a light box, not on a separate page.
  • A new Video tab has been added to every species and destination page. The embedded videos are from YouTube, from other sources, and from visitors to MinnesotaSeasons.com (you).
  • A slide show has been added to every destination page.
  • All species pages now include IUCN Conservation status and NatureServe Conservation status.
  • All plant pages also include wetland indicator status, if assigned; and weed status, if appropriate.
  • All species and destination pages include links to allow visitors (you) to upload photos, videos, species sightings, and observations.