Silvery checkerspot (Chlosyne nycteis)

silvery checkerspot

Silvery checkerspot (Chlosyne nycteis) is a common, sometimes locally abundant, medium-sized, brushfoot butterfly. It is found from early June to late July in moist woodland openings and edges, meadows, and marshes. It flies slowly and usually no more than one foot off the ground.

The caterpillar is all black with black, branched spines and a dusting of white specks. When it is disturbed it will often curl up and fall to the ground.

Adults are similar in appearance to Harris’ checkerspot, Gorgone checkerspot, and pearl crescent. Silvery checkerspot is distinguished by forewing upperside black apical area with fewer and smaller pale orange and white spots; hindwing upperside black border with no or only faint chevrons, submarginal spots completely surrounded by orange, and at least one submarginal spot on each hindwing with a white center; and hindwing underside pale, with no reddish-orange, and with the submarginal band of white spots interrupted with a dark patch and large silvery crescent.

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