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Common green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata)

common green bottle fly

Photo by Bill Reynolds

There are many species of green bottle fly. Common green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata) is certainly the most well known and probably the most scientifically studied green bottle fly in the world. As its common name suggests, it is common and widespread, found in all of the temperate and tropical regions of the planet.

This is often one of the first insects to visit a corpse, sometimes within minutes of death. Forensic scientists use the development of the larva of this species to determine the age of a corpse. Medicinally, the larvae are used on humans to painlessly remove dead or decaying tissue from wounds while leaving healthy tissue untouched and secreting a chemical that promotes tissue regeneration.

This species is identified by three grooves across the thorax and three bristles on the upper middle (dorsal) surface of the middle thoracic section.