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Peeling Puffball (Lycoperdon marginatum)

Peeling Puffball

Peeling Puffball (Lycoperdon marginatum) is a common and widespread, medium-sized puffball. It appears on the ground, individually, scattered, or in groups, usually in sandy soil. It is often found in the woods under deciduous or coniferous trees, but is also found in the open on roadsides and in waste places.

The skin is covered with short, erect spines that often aggregate in groups of 2 to 4 creating pyramid-shaped warts. As it ages, the outer, warty or spiny skin sloughs off in thick, irregular patches or chunks revealing the smooth, pale to dark brown inner skin below. When mature, a pore-like mouth develops at the top through which spores are released.

Peeling Puffball is distinguished by the outer skin that is covered with pyramidal warts and sloughs off in thick, irregular patches or chunks.