Hitched arches (Melanchra adjuncta)

hitched arches

Photo by Bill Reynolds

Hitched arches (Melanchra adjuncta) is a stout, medium-sized, night-flying, owlet moth. It is common in moist woods along river and stream banks, in woodland edges and openings, and in old fields. It is also often found in large gardens.

When at rest the forewings are held roof-like over the body. The forewings are dark gray mottled with black, greenish-brown and white. They have a white patch near the base (closest to the head), a small round white spot, a large white kidney-shaped spot, and a gray fringe. The hindwings are light grayish-brown but are not usually visible.

The caterpillar is light green or light brown with dark semicircular patches on the back (dorsum) and a conspicuous hump near the end of the abdomen.


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